Everything You Want​/​Nothing You Need


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released July 23, 2015



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GGGAMESSS New York, New York

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Track Name: Melontop
melontop where'd you go, we need to know
something stopped in our souls, we lost control
save us
tame us
melontop what's the word? what have you heard?
from the top we hear birds: "enjoy your time in the world"
teach us
we love
Track Name: Hot Yellow Noise
you're much more than this i know
don't let it go away oh no
we're not giving up
listen to me cease your thoughts
you can't find what you haven't lost
and i can't believe it's been this long since you've seen yourself
seen yourself the way that i do
and it's stunts like this "i don't know i don't know i don't know"
that make you lose your place oh no oh no
we're not giving up
Track Name: True Blue Carnivore
so this is how it goes
settle down
change your clothes
change your name
into fame
i was so damn close
who woulda known but you

the breath of life
has provided keys to the cage
no thoughts arise
as i glide across the stage
all i am is dust without the power of your love to keep me whole
i am under no delusion let me not give in to my ego


this is not what it appears to be
they are nothing like me
we may share the same stage
but we don't say the same things
it's only truth i speak
hold on to your soul
cause they're lying
what have they said to you to make you feel the way they feel?
they are affecting you whether or not you think it's real

and you're paying them to play pretend
they spit venom and you take it in
when you idolize the ignorant
then you're bound to be the same as them
and you don't care
they're shoving this pipe dream down your neck
cause they don't care
they're selling this pipe dream to your kids
saying "hear i am, im your american idol"
all they sell you, it may smell like its love but it's covered in blood
in your cars in your food in your clothes
cant you tell?
you can't tell?
oh no oh no oh no
the youth!!!
you poor souls...
you've all been sold...
this is it
this is it
Track Name: This Moonlab is a Prison
you got me wrong
now light my fire
i'm all desire
all yours and nothing more
trainwrecks against me
streaks across my cheeks
im all you'll ever know

this is it
the moment we've been waiting for
where everything we ever thought
removes itself from what you are
and in this momentary lapse of truth
you see the scars on my pale flesh
and i see everything in you

all the meaning has left me again
i just can't seem to keep a friend
without you the darkness wins
how long has it been
since you let yourself feel anything
we're safe but we're scared to go outside
the sea rushes in
my dreams align